Posting for Social Media with Purpose
Posting with Purpose
Get the exact sequence to gain new leads and generate more sales from online groups.
  •  Quickly identify your ideal clients within the group and provide value before you sell.
  •  Attract them to you so you don't send icky PM's.
  •  Discover the exact order and types of posts to use.
  •  BONUS: This sequence can be tweaked to use on your own social pages and on your email list.
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Hi, I'm Joy Ireland - a down-to-earth digital marketing specialist, and I help small business owners grow their business online using simple and straightforward marketing systems.
Posting with Purpose allows small business owners and entrepreneurs to grow their business while they sleep and live the lifestyle of their dreams.

No more missing out on their basketball training, family holidays, coffee with friends, or yoga class.

Without it, you can find yourself constantly trying to find new leads and make more money and struggling to find time for things that really matter in your business.

With it, you can genereate leads, build your email list and nurture to sale allowing you the time to be living the life you have created instead.

Let's make magic!

Attracting your dream clients is only moments away...
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